Mariana Alcántara was born in Mexico City in 1991.  Mariana finds inspiration in traveling and likes to capture scenes in different cities and transform them into collages. Her work is inspired by her wish to share happiness, she wants to she wants to show the world as if a child saw it for the first time: with magic and awe. She mixes collage and drawings full of colors and sweet creatures, as in an encyclopedia of cuteness. She won the third place at Sharjah Children's Reading Festival, United Arab Emirates (2018). Her work has been selected for several competitions: Golden Pinwheel Young Illustrators Competition China Shanghai International Children's Book (2018); Sharjah Children's Reading Festival, United Arab Emirates (2019); Poster Prize for Illustration, Association of Illustrators, London (2018); Diocesan Museum of Padova, Italy (2017); XXII Illustration Prize of Latin America, Palermo, Argentina (2018); VIII Ibero-American Catalog of Illustration, Mexico (2017); Catalog of illustrators of the International Fair of Children's and Young People's Literature, Mexico (2016-2018); Drawing Room IMAGE - PALABRA, Medellín, Colombia (2017); as well as in the AI-AP American Illustration 4 Catalog (2015). She has worked for magazines, textbooks and ilustrated books for publishers such as: Cyls Editores (2017), CIDCLI (2018) and Ediciones SM México (2019). To see more of her work go to: 

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