About us

      Toi’s mission is simple: to make the world more beautiful.  We curate art by talented international artists, and we sell their works in limited edition prints at accesible and fair prices. 
     We want to connect artists with those who appreciate the details, those who love the fanciful, intriguing, and provocative. Toi is the connection to an international world of art will forever be on your wall and in your heart.
     At Toi we cherish the diversity and multiplicity that meaningful art pieces represent; we curate artworks that communicate feelings and emotions, we aim to create a relationship of love, a connection from the artists to the art-lover, and from one art lover to another.
     We want to foster a community that shares an equal sensibility and is connected by a common culture of caring about our environment and buying consciously, picking quality over quantity.
     At Toi, we believe your wall reflects your soul.