About Toi

Hi there! I’m Karina, the owner and curator of Toi Art Gallery, and I’m glad you’re here!  I’m originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina but I now live in Southern California, and I created Toi to serve as an international art gallery and online storefront.  I wanted to share my love of art, artists, and artistic communities by making art affordable and still meaningful. Toi sells art that we can love and pass on to the next generation. Our giclée prints are museum-quality, which means they are the closest to the original you can find; they will last a hundred years without fading. Yet, they are affordable and shipped directly to your home!


For years I have been curating art and selecting incredible artists from all over the world. I offer this labor of love to you with hopes that you will find joy in our limited edition prints... but also that you enjoy the process, as I do, of discover something new and beautiful.

Go ahead, explore!


At Toi we:

- Cherish the diversity and multiplicity of our art and our artists,

- Curate artworks that evoke real feeling and emotion, 

- Aim to create exciting connections between artist and art-lover, and 

- Think environmentally, helping you choose quality over quantity.

Please click around, explore our collections of unique prints, and learn more about our artists on the blog. 

Welcome to Toi Art Gallery!