Joanna Concejo was born in 1971 in Slupsk in Poland. Graduated in 1998 at the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan. Since 1994 moved to Paris, France, where she lives and works. In the late eighties she began working as an illustrator and artist. In 2000 Joanna’s work was selected for the Salon de Jeune Création in France, in 2002 her work was shown at the Biennale of Contemporary Art in Busan (South Korea) and the following year at the Salon d'Art Contemporain de Chelles (France) 2000. Joanna participated in several individual and group exhibitions (Paris, Berlin, etc). In 2004 she was selected for the Illustrators Exhibition of Children's Book Fair in Bologna and in 2004 won the Calabria Incantata "Abracalabria" Altomonte (Italy) prize. Her work was also selected for the Biennial of Illustration "Ilustrarte" Barreiro (Portugal) in 2005, 2009 and 2013. Joanna participated in various collective exhibitions: "The Emperors New Illustration" (Bologna, 2005, exhibition dedicated to the work of J.Ch.Andersen), "Figures Future" - "Peter and Alice" (Book Fair Montreuil - France), "Blue Book" in Iran and the UAE, "Le imagini della fantasia" to Sarmede Italy (2008 and 2010, 2015). And individual exhibitions such as "Attorno al giardino" Bologna (2008), Perve Gallery in Lisbon in 2009 and 2010, and an exhibition at the Library of Saint - Herblain in 2011, "Tea with Alice" at Oxford in 2012, in 2013 « One step at a time » in Bologna "Nei rami", in 2014 « Les visages du lointain » - Musée Beurnier-Rossel – Montbéliard / France, In 2015 «  In the artist studio of Joanna Concejo » - Galerie Angle , Saint Paul Trois Châteaux/ France, in 2015 «  Particular stories » - Arttrakt Galery / Wroclaw/ Poland, in 2015 «  It’s always the tea time » - Estonian Children’s Literatur Center / Tallin/ Estonia , and others. Joanna also works in sculpture and ceramics. Since 2010 she collaborates regularly with Le Petit Atelier de Paris. In 2008 Topipittori - Italy published her first book: "Il Signor Nessuno" ("Mr. Nobody" by Editions de Rouergue in France), and « Grand et petit » ("Big and Small") published by Atelier du Poisson Soluble. Other books illustrated by Joanna are: "L’Angelo delle scarpe" published by Topipittori ("Angel of shoes" published by Notari - Switzerland, for the French version); "Humo" published OQO - Spain; « Au clair de la nuit » ("In the light of night") published by Motus - France, "Cuando no encuentras tu casa " published by OQO - Spain. "I signi selvatici " ("Wild Swans") according to Andersen by Editions Topipittori - Italy (French version of the Notari edition - Switzerland) « Entrez ! » ("Come in!) "Published by Rouergue "Zimbo" published by OQO - Spain "Una stella nel buio" published by Topipittori - Italy Notari - Switzerland « Un pas à la fois » ("One step at a time") published by Notari - Switzerland « Les fleurs parlent » ("Flowers speak") at Casterman – France "Ksiaze w Cukierni " ("The prince in the pastry") at Format – Poland – Book of year 2013 by IBBY / section Poland "Little Red Riding Hoods" at BIR Publishing - South Korea « Les visages du lointain » published by Notari - Switzerland « Quand les groseilles seront mûres » at L’Atelier du Poisson Soluble – France. Joanna’s drawings create a beautiful world. Her work is like a pebble thrown in the water: its splash reverberates in circles of emotion and thoughts that linger. How does she achieve this magic? There is an element of mystery, perhaps even to herself; it seems that when she makes art, she surrenders to her own creative powers; she creates art that invites us, the viewers, to enter a portal and get transported to her remarkable world. This is what she says about her work: “Inspiration is not something I seek, it is more a state of availability in life, an openness to things that happen to me, to the encounters I have, to images, landscapes, to everything I can see, hear, touch ... I am often surprised myself of what I can do. It is often very unconscious.