Eleonora Arroyo was born in Argentina. She graduated from Prilidiano Pueyrredón School of Fine Arts. Her work has been published in Argentina, Chile, México and Spain. She has participated in individual and group exhibitions in Argentina; the Biennale of Bratislava and The Children's Books Argentine Illustrators Fair in Bologna, 2008. Eleonora has illustrated texts by renowned writers such as Juan Gelman, Anton Chekhov and Rubén Darío. In 2012 she was nominated for the IBBY Argentina, Honor List. She has also worked on animation and shadow theater. Eleonora lives and works in Buenos Aires. Her work is filled with characters, as if they were up on a colorful stage while we watch with a smile, enchanted by her stories. To see more of Eleonora’s work visit her website: http://www.eleonoraarroyo.com.ar