Sandra Aperloo is the creator of the "all things artsy" blog Artistic Moods. On her blog, she curates beautiful artistic objects and illustrations. Explore Sandra's curating edition for Toi.

This is what Sandra says:

I've been in love with illustration for as long as I can remember. But I've always found it a bit hard to describe my style. Usually I will go with words like playful, fun, romantic and maybe a tad surreal. But I can also appreciate art that gives me quietness and comfort. Especially when I'm selecting art for walls, I like to go for creations that will give sweet comfort at home after a long day of work.
I guess the most magical moment for me is when I find illustrations that have all those things. Beautiful, playful imagery that makes me drift off to lala land and gives me piece of mind at the same time. That's when I really fall in love with art.
For me, the pieces I have curated in this selection have those elements. Claudia Legnazzi's Three Sisters has so may precious details to look at. The soft colors in her work give it a very delightful and comforting character. The colors in City and Forest by Roger Ycaza will pop out on any wall but the trees, houses and other figures are very harmonious at the same time. My favorite pick is Elaheh Taherian's Sleepwalker. Love the quirky figures of that lady! It's #1 on my Christmas wishlist.

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