Ania Lubińska was born in Gdańsk (Poland) in 1992. She graduated from a faculty of Interior and Graphic Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk in 2017. She also had the opportunity to study at ESDIR in the North of Spain where she fell in love with illustrated children's books.

Although she creates more and more in the computer, her heart belongs to manual work. Her creative process always starts with a sheet of paper, paints or crayons. A big fan of graphic arts techniques such as: screen printing, lithography and etching. A few years ago she adopted a greyhound with a traumatic past and that's how they live together in Gdańsk. 

In this series of illustrations, Annia wants to draw attention to the abuse suffer by Spanish Greyhounds, i.e Galgo Español. Galgos are brutally maltreated and neglected. Annia wants to show these dogs as they really are, creatures of comfort, loving and sensitive. In these series, each dog has a name to emphasize their personalities: Bella, Frida, Indigo and Zorro. They are wonderful creatures and devoted friends of humans.