We Love Art

February 07, 2017

We Love Art

At Toi, we think art is the best present you can give someone you love.... so, in anticipation of Valentine's Day, we asked Toi's artists about the connection between art and love. 

They illustrated their answers, and we love what they did. You will too! 

Eleonora Arroyo

How risky to talk about love without sounding cheesy! Especially when talking about art and love. The most important thing for me is to express a feeling or an idea through my work. When I illustrate, I translate that idea or emotion to a visual language. I allow the image take charge. Form, color, composition, everything has to communicate, to express a feeling.

I’m not sure what is the best present for someone we love. But I’m certain art is one of the best possible presents. What a joy is to choose an artwork, to think of how this would please this person, and how this piece will be in their life forever.

Eleonora Arroyo Toi Art Gallery prints

Sylvie Bello

It seems to me that art and love have multiple connections. They are both similar and complementary. Love is indeed one of the fundamental thoughts of us humans. It is a feeling of irrational affection that can create strong emotions and plunge an individual into states of great happiness and passion, but also anger, anxiety or sadness. It's and inspiration for art: it impacts both, the artist and the viewer. In both cases there is a certain quest for beauty that remains subjective.

Art has always been a fundamental way to express feelings.


Sylvie Bello Toi Art Gallery


Roger Ycaza

I believe art is absolutely connected to feelings. It expresses itself in many different ways, all linked more to the heart than to the brain. It is a very deep and inexplicable feeling.

Art, manifested through painting, music, literature, etc. is infinite, unique and invaluable. It is a perfect way to show affection, because the gift of art becomes unforgettable, it is the best way to reach a person and to create a memory, it is something eternal.

Roger Ycaza Toi Art Gallery

Evelyn Daviddi

Giving someone an artwork is already an act of love. 

Artists express their feelings through their work, and by that they give way a part of themselves, which always remains, through time. It's like part of the artist becomes part of the person who receives and appreciates the gift. 

Art is love. always.

Evelyn Daviddi Toi Art Gallery prints 

Marjorie Pourchet

For me, giving art is like offering a bouquet of rare flowers which will last forever, a door  to a magic place or a secret garden... It's like choosing a jewel for the mind and the soul.
Marjorie Pourchet Toi Art Gallery prints
What do you think? Share your thoughts about love and art on the comment section,
thank you and happy Valentine's day!

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