Toi's Holiday Gift Guide 2022 -First Edition

November 09, 2022

Toi's Holiday Gift Guide 2022 -First Edition

Ufff, 2022 it’s almost over. What an intense year. I hope 2023 will bring a deep reset. New energy, more compassion, more creativity, more understanding.

While waiting for the new year to come and considering all the gifts yet to select and share, I put together a little gift guide with my personal favorite list of meaningful prints for the holidays. I hope you have fun matching a print with every person on your list. Cheers! -- Karina.


1. This print brings me so much joy. It captures an instant of pure happiness.


Dream Path by Violeta Lopiz.

2. Colors always lift me up, give me energy, and help me start my day with a positive attitude. This print transmits all that and more.


Dolche by Esté Macleod

3. There is something cute and sweet this beautiful print by
Joanna Concejo. It radiates love and care. 


Renard et le garçon by Joanna Concejo 


4. Maryam Lamei Harvani’s work has an intimate dimension to it, like someone is whispering a secret in our ear.  


Under the Shelter of Generosity by Maryam Lamei Harvani


5. If there is one word to describe the feeling Xuan Loc Xuan’s work transmits to me, it is "magic." In this print, Xuan beautifully communicates the whimsical moment of appreciating the magic of nature . 


Cat Life by Xuan Loc Xuan 

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