Three things you will love to know about artist Fumi Koike

May 13, 2019

Three things you will love to know about artist Fumi Koike

Fumi Koike is a Japanese illustrator and designer. She graduated from The Musashino Art University in Tokio.

Fumi works in different fields including book illustration, advertising, magazines, web and packaging design. She illustrated the zine Dog and Morning  Fumi’s illustrations and paintings depict an intimate world of everyday scenes that transmit a warm and cozy atmosphere.

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Her captivating illustrations of rooms and home interiors make us want to live there, to drink that cup of tea on the table, to pet that dog gracefully sleeping by the bed. Her minimalist paintings depict everyday scenes with simplicity and beauty.  They embody the minimalist sensibility; Fumio Sasaki’s concept that: “Minimalism is built around the idea that there’s nothing that you’re lacking.”

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Fumi was featured in numerous magazines and blogs including Frankie Magazine, Artistic Moods, Brown Paper Bag, Design Sponge and It’s Nice That, among others. She is part of our Special Guest Collection, with limited edition giclée prints of only five copies each. She paints with acrylics and gouache.

Here are three things you will love to know about Fumi's work:

1. How did you start drawing?

I have loved drawing since I was a little child. I think it was inspired by my mother who also loves drawing but is not an artist / illustrator. I always enjoy when my drawings make people happy. After learning Design in the Art University, I worked as a graphic designer and director in a bag manufacturing company for 8 years. While working there, I felt a sudden urge to start drawing again.

2. Your paintings are about everyday life and simple things, almost like still-lives. Tell us about that, how do you get inspired?

 Everything in my daily life inspires me. In particular, “invisible things”, for example when I feel in the wind the season changing, the aroma of fresh coffee and the dog’s warmth when I pet him… and more. I always wish I could draw invisible feelings and emotions in my works.

3. Name three favorite artists/illustrators

It’s so difficult to decide… But, if I have to choose right now, I’ll pick Anu Tuominen, Hayao Miyazaki and Virginia Lee Burton.


fumi koike painting drawing illustration prints toi art gallery


fumi koike drawing paintings illustrations prints toi art gallery

fumi koike drawtings paintings illustrations prints toi art gallery

Fumi Koike 

Fumi Koike

Fumi Koike

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