The Story behind the image: "Act 4" by Karina Cocq

July 23, 2016

The Story behind the image: "Act 4" by Karina Cocq

Pablo Picasso once said: "Every now and then one paints a picture that seems to have opened a door and serves as a stepping stone to other things."

We want to peek through the door and see what’s behind the image. We asked Toi’s artists to tell us the story behind the picture, what motivated it, what ideas or events produced it. Because every representation has it’s own story, it’s own world for us to discover. 

Artistic background:

Karina’s work is magical and whimsical, colorful and playful; but is certainly not about fairies and princesses. Her stories speak of struggle and challenges, injustice, indifference for others, memory and truth. She illustrated the first feminist short story book in Chile “Colorina Colorada yo no quiero ser un hada” []. Her images break with women’s stereotypes picturing them as family leaders and powerful characters in the struggle for justice, happiness and shelter.

Karina Cocq Toi Art Gallery Blog Act 4

This is what Karina told us about her artwork:

Act 4 is part of a series called Dark Skin and is the story of a Chilean farm worker woman, based on the life of my maternal grandmother. This illustration shows a family moving from island to island and looking for a new place to settle down and find a new home. In my artwork I represented them traveling over the coffin of his dead father, which in turn is driven by a red fish. This symbolizes the strength of the earth, which is what guides these robust and magical mothers. I tried to represent that point of drifting without any more tools than hope and determination.




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