The Meaning of Meaningful

January 24, 2017

The Meaning of Meaningful

I find the dictionary definition of meaningful, (and its synonyms significant, important, valid) very similar to some aspects of art.

Meaningful is described as “communicating something that is not directly expressed” the same way that art transmits feelings or, as Leo Tolstoy put it, “[in art] the receiver enters a kind of relationship.”


patricia tewel Lejos. Far away. Toi Art Gallery prints

chia chu yu toi art gallery prints

This is, I believe, a love relationship; one that connects the feeling that art transmits with our own perception of the meaning of life.

Hegel once said that “art is free in its aims and means” That is, it conveys a multiplicity of worlds and ways of expression: art is open to diversity in the same way that love is. Both are essential for a sense of identity and celebrate the unique values of being true to oneself.

violeta lopiz. toi art gallery prints

At Toi we cherish the diversity and multiplicity that meaningful art pieces represent; we curate artworks that communicate feelings and emotions, we aim to create a relationship of love, a connection from the artists to the art-lover, and from one art lover to another.

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At Toi, we want to foster a community that shares an equal sensibility and is connected by a common culture of caring about our environment and buying consciously, picking quality over quantity.

At Toi, we believe your wall reflects your soul.

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violeta lopiz toi art gallery


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