Beatrice Cerocchi: Sketching outside the box

July 03, 2017

Beatrice Cerocchi: Sketching outside the box

How was your childhood? Tell us about where you lived, and how were you like as a child.

I was born in Rome in 1989. I was a pretty quiet child, I grew up with two brothers one older and one younger than me. I am the most creative one of us three, I always drew for hours and I still have many old drawings that my mum has kept. 

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Are your parents artists?

In my father's family there were many artists, one of his ancestors called Giuseppe Chiari was a very good roman painter during the XVIII century. This painting, which is exhibited in Palazzo Braschi in Rome, depicts him and his family in 1709. My father is very good at drawing even though this is not his first job. He likes painting landscapes. My mother used to read me many picture books; I was fascinated by tiny details of the illustrations. She also used to spend time drawing with me. I think she stimulated my creativity a lot! 

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Did you enjoy drawing when you were a child? When did you realize you wanted to be an artist?

I always loved drawing since I was very young but the consciousness that I could become an illustrator and make a living out of art, came after graduation in architecture. After my degree, I did a master in editorial illustration in Milan (MiMaster). Since then, I've never stopped drawing!

Do you have any picture of an old drawing you can show us?

Of course! I show you the drawings, which make me smile the most. 

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Tell us about your career as an architect. How this influences your art?

Architecture is a very beautiful course of study, gives you a complete cultural education and a solid design method. I keep taking advantage of this way of working in my illustration work.

beatrice cerocchi toi gallery

beatrice cerocchi toi gallery

What is your favorite building?

I don't have a favorite building, I love walking down the city center and looking up to its old buildings; my studio is in Trastevere and during lunch breaks I walk through the alleys with my notebook. The city is one of my favorite subjects. I find very interesting Portuguese architecture, solid and elegant. I like Alvaro Siza and Eduardo Souto de Moura's works. 

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beatrice cerocchi toi art gallery

beatrice cerocchi toi gallery

What do you like to draw?

Subject of my drawings are usually things I can directly experience. That's why I find extremely inspirational going out and sketch outside.

beatrice cerocchi toi gallery

beatrice cerocchi toi gallery

Your work usually takes the child’s perspective: is an observation of how a kid perceives the world. In doing that you bring a unique experience; tell us about that.

I love playing with perspective and flatten the depth of the scenes. Twisting the images let me insert additional elements to the drawing, which would not be seen from a traditional point of view.

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beatrice cerocchi toi

beatrice cerocchi toi art gallery

beatrice cerocchi toi gallery

Your color palette is delicate and subtle. What is the importance of and how do you envision color?

The color is fundamental! Illustration is substantially color. My preparatory drawings are very rough, they only need to give you an outline to start painting. I normally use gouache and pastels.

beatrice cerocchi toi gallery

beatrice cerocchi toi

beatrice cerocchi toi gallery

You’ve worked on a number of children books; tell us about that part of your career, what have you learned from that?

Every work one does, helps you grow as an artist. With practice, you can understand better who you are and what you want to communicate; you understand better your own style, what you want to keep what you want to change.

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Beatrice CErocchi toi

 Where do you work and how is your work routine?

I work in a studio in the center of Rome, Trastevere, one of the most ancient neighborhoods of the city. I share this place with other illustrators and this is very good for me because I can talk about my projects with them and they do the same with me, it's a good way to share ideas. I wake up early in the morning but I get to the studio at mid-morning, I work all day 'till 7pm, except when I have some deadlines I stay there longer.

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 How is the illustration world regarding women artists?

There are many female illustrators, it's true, but there are also many male illustrators!

I think that men, such as women, have the right sensibility to illustrate children's books.

In terms of inspiration, for example, the Italian illustrator Emanuele Luzzati, is among my favorite references.  

Name three women that have influenced your work.

First of all my cousin, Irene Guerrieri, architect and illustrator, she introduced me to the illustration world when I was in high school. Beatrix Potter because when I was young I was fascinated by her tiny imaginary world and Eva Montanari who was my first illustration teacher at Academia di Belle Arts in Macerata (Ars in fabula). 

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Do you think is important to have art at home?

The place where you live has been contaminated by art, paintings, and picture books. I have a giant collection of children's books and I have many art books belonged to my grandmother. I like collecting paintings of artists and illustrators I admire the most.

What are you working on right now?

At the moment I am working on a picture book for Bruaa, a Portuguese editor and another picture book for Eli readers, an Italian editor.

Where is home?

Rome! I couldn't live in other place. It's my main source of inspiration: architecture, history and the most important thing, the weather. 


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