Toi Art Gallery Online Women's show is coming up!

October 13, 2019

Toi Art Gallery Online Women's show is coming up!


We have exciting news! Toi's new online show: "Unstoppable Women" is opening next Thursday October 17th, 2019.

Toi's women edition seeks to explore and create space for collaboration for the unstoppable voices and creativity of all women. This online show is an attempt to originate a space to embrace the unstoppable energy that we are. New artist, new prints and new sales!! 

Sasha Ignatiadou

Sasha  Ignatiadou  toi art gallery prints

Originally from Russia, North Caucasus, Shasha lived among mountains and beautiful nature until she was 25. She grew up in a creative family. Her mother wrote stories that were printed in local magazines. Her father and younger sister played in a small band. Now she lives in Germany, North Westphalia, where she works. Sasha has three stunning limited edition prints on the show. Here is a sneak peek of her artwork "Plants" available on our website on Open Day: Thursday, October 17Th. Show opens Oct 17th 

Sasha  Ignatiadou toi art gallery prints

Plants. Limited edition print.

Sasha  Ignatiadou toi art gallery prints

Spring Girl. Limited edition print.


 Andrea D'Aquino

Andrea is an illustrator based in New York City. Her gorgeous work has been featured in such publications as The New York Times, The Washington Post, Elle Magazine, and many others. He has six new limited edition prints exclusive for Toi's show. Here is just a sample of her vibrant work. 

Andrea D'Aquino toi art gallery prints

Alice. Limited edition print.

Andrea D'Aquino toi art gallery prints

Fish Tank. Limited edition print.


 Flora Waycott

Flora Waycott toi art gallery prints

Flora is an illustrator and artist from the South of England, currently based in Perth, Australia. Her illustrations appeared on book covers, children's bedding and decor, editorial, stationery, greeting cards, coloring books and more. When she was six years old her family moved to Japan where she spent five years. She enjoyed observing day to day Japanese life: the colors, patterns, shapes and attention to detail in the smallest things. She enjoys finding inspiration in every day objects, from the contents of her kitchen cupboard to travel and adventure in faraway places.   


Flora Waycott toi art gallery prints

Winter Kitchen. Limited edition print.


Kelly Bjork 

Kelly Bjork toi art gallery prints

Her work focuses on portraiture and intimacy between loved ones and objects. She wants to show the tenderness that can be experienced in this world through selective simplicity and tiny details. Kelly 's paintings help her move forward openly, by presenting what is good in our world.  

Kelly Bjork toi art gallery prints

Moving Forward. Limited edition print.


Stephanie Hoffmann

Stephanie Hoffmann toi art gallery prints

Stephanie Hofmann was born and raised in Germany and obteined a degree in graphic design in Hamburg. She lives in London with her partner and two cats. She has a love of the surreal and and gothic and is inspired by most things from books via music to all the small funny and curious encounters of the every day.  Her illustrations have appeared as animations, on book covers, in children books, on textiles, greeting cards, cups, lampshades and in many magazines. When she is not drawing you can probably find her running, exploring London on her bicycle, at a gig, or swimming in the ponds on Hampstead Heath!

stephanie hoffmann toi art gallery prints

Crying Girl. Limited edition print

Don't miss opening day next Thursday, October 17th! We'll have new sales for the show and lots of new, gorgeous prints exclusive for Toi :) Stock up for your holiday gift list!!

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