Interview with Xuan Loc Xuan: Vietnam as an inspiration

August 19, 2020

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Interview with Xuan Loc Xuan: Vietnam as an inspiration

Xuan loc Xuan was born in Vietnam. Her name means “Spring”. She lives and work in Ho Chi Minh city. Xuan Loc Xuan studied Fine Arts at HCM University, the biggest art school in South of Vietnam. She's been working as a freelance illustrator for several years. She uses traditional and digital tools to draw. Her designs tend to be minimalistic and the use of color is a main factor in her artworks. For her: "life creates art while art changes life".

xuan loc xuan toi art gallery interview 

  • Where did you grow up? How was your childhood?

I was born and raised in a district in the south of Vietnam. My childhood was associated with corn fields, tea hills and white coffee-flower. I attended a small school in my village. I am the youngest of a large family. My parents were busy all day working to support the family, so I learned how to take care of myself very early in my childhood. My older sister is also an illustrator. She was the one who helped me take the first step on the path of my art. I am always grateful to her and admire her so much.

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  • When did you start drawing?

Since I was a child drawing has always been my great passion. When i graduated high school , I decided to take design courses, In college I had the opportunity to practice my art skills. I started to become an illustrator when I was in my 1st year of college.

Camelia Japonica


  • Was it difficult to have a career in illustration in Vietnam?

For me it is not too difficult; because I know my drawing can connect with people all over the world and I can work with publishers from different countries around the world.

Green Leaf

Walking Lily


    • What/who inspires you?

    My favorite artist is Pascal Campion and Ryo Takemasa, they have an amazing, vivid, creative, and very inspirational drawing style.

    Thing Finder: Unknown title by Ryo Takemasa

    Cover illustration for Quarterly Magazine Musashino by Ryo Takemasa.

    Love Interest by Pascal champion


    • How is your working place?

    I work at home (my cat keeps me company).

    xuan loc xuan toi art gallery

    • You often draw mysterious and melancholic characters and scenes; usually people not animals, tell us more about it.

    I think the sadness of my childhood is the most influencing factor. So my paintings reflect that with colors: cold, sad and dark. Although my present life is happier than before, the sadness is always present in my drawings. I think I've learned how to cope with it by drawing.


    • What colors do you prefer and why?

    I really like the paintings which have the blue of ocean at night. I always liked the sea. The blue of the sea transmits a relaxing and soothing feeling for me. It gives a lot of inspiration to my work.



    Blue Night

    Alfoat, Xuan loc Xuan – This isn't happiness

    • Is there anything in particular of where you live that inspires your work?

    The familiar image of Vietnam - vast green rice fields, immense blue sky with small white clouds, beautiful wild beaches, the weather in Saigon - inspired me and my work.

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    Free photo: Vietnam Sky - Blue, Branches, Cloud - Free Download ...

    • What are you reading?

    I am reading some novels and “ The Umbrella Academy” comic.

    The Umbrella Academy: Apocalypse Suite #1 - Comics by comiXology

    • Do you identify with you characters in your work?

    No, I don’t identify with them.

    xuan loc xuan toi art gallery


    • What project would you like to work on in the future?

    My goals are finishing two new illustration books, my craft project, and I would love to practice on a new drawing technique.

    xuan loc xuan toi art gallery prints



    xuan loc xuan toi art gallery


    xuan loc xuan toi art gallery

      Interview by Karina Miller 

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