Gift guide for the mid century lover

December 02, 2019

Gift guide for the mid century lover

don draper toi art gallery prints

Do you find yourself zooming in the mid century atomic paper party cups in Mad Men’s office party? Do you wish you could live in Don Draper’s penthouse in the Upper East side? Or maybe you couldn’t stop thinking about Megan’s Draper’s Laurel Canyon bungalow? Say no more. We picked these ten mid century vibe prints that use clean geometric lines, vibrant color palettes, desert themes, modernist aesthetics, graphic patterns and warm, rich, earthy hues. For the modern house, with love.

 1. Amanda Mijagos’ Blue

2. Angela Corti’s Contexts: Litoral Landscapes

 3. Patricia Tewel’s Zonda

4. Rosanna Tasker’s Blue Sanctuary

5. Amanda Mijagos’ Animal Kingdom

6. Kelly Bjork’s Handsome Harry

7. Eleonora Arroyo’s Tree

8. Federico Porfiri’s Conversation

9. Nao Tatsumi’s Motel

10. Martin Jarrie’s Robe

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