Artists in Motion: Evelyn Daviddi: “Where there is beauty you feel at home”

September 24, 2016

Artists in Motion: Evelyn Daviddi: “Where there is beauty you feel at home”


Artists in Motion aims to introduce you to our artists and their worlds; to allow you a glimpse of their sensibilities and unique perspectives, and the ideas, experiences, people, and places that help inspire their work. Through this series, we hope to give you an idea of how our artists create meaning through the unique works of art that you will take home.

Evelyn Daviddi

Evelyn Daviddi. Toi art gallery blog

As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

When I was a child I loved drawing for my friends. I used to draw for hours, entire afternoons, and for every text that I wrote and every book I’ve read in school, I made a drawing. Always!  At seven years old I decided that, once grown up, I would be an artist. Of course I didn’t know how, but I thought, I’d find a way!

Evelyn Daviddi. Headspring. toi art gallery 

How did you start drawing?

Ever since I was a child I loved to draw, color, paint and make collages. At 14, I started Art School and occasionally, I started to draw fabrics patterns and designs for my family’s textile company. That was a great experience and from that moment on I never stopped drawing!

evelyn daviddi. toi art gallery prints

Which artists inspire you?

I grew up with Rodari’s books, Richard Scarry’s illustrations and Luzzati’s books. While studying art history, I discovered Picasso, which I consider the greatest artist of all time. I just love visiting museums and attending art shows, it’s such an inspiration for me. When possible, I organize my trips around visits to museums and other places where I can find artist's works.

luzzatti. toi art gallery

luzzatti. toi art gallery

Rodari. Toi art gallery blog

 Where is home?

Home is where you can be yourself, where there are people you love, where there is scent of fresh basil, home is where you can go for a walk and discover something that was always there but you had never noticed before. Italy is home, it is always new and familiar at the same time.

evelyn daviddi. toi art gallery

Your work emphasizes feelings like love, solitude, sadness, etc. Can you tell us more about this?

My work is intimate and sentimental. After becoming a mother, I started to feel the need to express my feelings in my work, I express my emotions through delicate images, it’s like they whisper to me. I often use soft colors, but also with a hint of red. 

bleeding evelin daviddi. toi art gallery

Is there a predominance of female characters in your work? why?

Femininity is a fundamental part of my personality. In a way, I always paint myself, my illustrations are the mirror in which I see my own image; through art I always somewhat express how I feel and perceive myself.

evelyn daviddi. toi art gallery

What is beauty?

 For me, beauty is quietness, the harmony of shapes and colors, beauty is music, it's peace. Beauty is not necessarily order, it can be a beautiful messy table full of objects, papers, pencils and chaos, both reassuring and warm. Where there is beauty, you feel at home.

evelyn daviddi toi art gallery 


What do you think about collecting art? are you a collector?

I collect mainly art books and illustrated books,but also art objects, sculptures and some friend’s and colleagues’ works that I feel very close to.

How does art represent female images and how does this influence girls?

All great artists have a touch of femininity, every artist, even if he is a man, should be familiar with their feminine side. To me, nature’s essence is feminine; beauty’s essence is feminine.

evelyn daviddi. toi art gallery

evelyn daviddi. toi art gallery

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