August 06, 2016

"Animation is a open-minded domain if we have the courage or the chance  to get out from the rules imposed by animation studios. It is possible to experiment a lot of new story-telling and graphic ways."

About Narcose `a l'azote, animated short film by Rosalie Benevello

According to the definition, Narcosis it’s a reversible alteration of consciousness that happens while diving at depth. It is caused by the anesthetic effect of certain gases at high pressure.  Narcosis produces a state similar to drunkenness and results in relief of anxiety – a feeling of tranquility and mastery of the environment. 

Toi art gallery blog Animated Sunday Rosalie Benevello

There is a strange analogy between narcosis and Rosaline’s short film: we, the viewers, feel also this alteration in the perception of things.

Toi art gallery blog Animated Sunday Rosalie Benevello

We are brought also into the deep ocean and we start to notice ourselves differently. We giggle when looking at our hands and the coral, play with the little fish made of wrapping paper, intoxicated and moved by the magic of Rosaline’s art. 

Rosalie Benevello's film reminds us of Jacques Cousteau's said: "The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever."


toi art gallery blog Rosallie Benevello Animated Sunday

This is what Rosalie told us about her work: 

1. Tell us about what inspired you to make this movie

Sometimes in Summer, my brother and I go to Nice in the South of France. Our adopted grand father who live there was a passionate scuba diver in his early years, and his diving stories make me want to see the sea floor. My first diving staggered me. Since I practice scuba diving whenever I can!

Divers on the dive boat tell a lot of stories. I heard one day a story about the nitrogen narcosis phenomenon. Exhilaration, extreme anxiety, hallucination, impairment of judgement, multi-tasking and coordination, loss of decision-making ability and focus, visual or auditory disturbances are some symptoms the scuba diver might experience during the nitrogen narcosis. From that point, I began to research about this phenomenon. I read several writings from the captain Cousteau, I searched on internet to find some analysis reports and testimonies, I saw films about diving ( "Le monde du silence" Jacques Yves Cousteau and Louis Malle, "Le grand bleu" Luc Besson, ...), I heard radio programs from France Inter, I read the book "Narcoses" from Francis le Guen,...

With all this experiences and knowledges about the nitrogen narcosis I naturally wished to make a film about it! 

toi art gallery animated sunday blog


2. Why did you choose paper-cut as a form of expression? are you a paper-cut artists? 

I use often paper in my works, I particularly appreciate this material. There are many ways to use it : cut, tear, burn, crease, ... In cardboard form, papier-maché, tracing paper, ...

I challenged and constrain myself to get out of my confort zone, in order to not get bored in my work. For this film my challenge was to use a 2D material (paper cut) and to recreate the sensation of depth specific of the sea underwater directly under camera. 
I would not describe myself as a paper-cut artist. I feel me more like a young director who takes her inspiration in artists using paper in their work.  Peter Clark, Jayme McGowan, Peter Callesen, Lisa Nilsson, Elsa Mora, Youri Norstein, Kangmin Kim are the last artists who influence my work.
toi art gallery blog animated sunday
3. Why are you interested in animation?
I am interested by many means of expressions used in animation : writing, story-telling, staging, directing, animated pictures, sound design, music,... 
As a child I told myself a lot of stories, I collected objects or materials to create imaginary worlds. It's reveal my directing approach. 
Animation is a open-minded domain if we have the courage or the chance  to get out from the rules imposed by animation studios. It is possible to experiment a lot of new story-telling and graphic ways. If I renew myself in my work I think I will never be bored with animation. In parallel I have other projects : illustration, graphism, little video games, jewelry creation,... I am curious in all aspects of art, maybe tomorrow I will find another means of expression more appropriate for me!
toi art gallery blog animated sunday
toi art gallery blog animated sunday
4. Where is home?

It's a difficult question. I'm 21 and for the moment I haven't establish a « home ». I like to see new landscapes, to change locations and travel. But right now the place I feel me home is the hammock in my garden!


                                                                                                                 Karina Miller



During a dive in the sea, a diver will suffer a nitrogen narcosis , a phenomenon known as narcosis .
Film end of the 2nd year, EMCA 2016
Turning to Dynamotion , paper cut on multiplane.

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