The Story Behind the Image

June 14, 2016

The Story Behind the Image

Pablo Picasso once said: “Every now and then one paints a picture that seems to have opened a door and serves as a stepping stone to other things.” 

We want to peek through the door and see what’s behind the image. We asked Toi’s artists to tell us the story behind the picture, what motivated it, what ideas or events produced it. Because every representation has it’s own story, it’s own world for us to discover. 

“Hyacinthe et Rose”


The paintings:

Martin Jarrie created a series of “forty eight sumptuous portraits of flowers”, which were reunited in a cook book inspired by his paintings of fruits and vegetables, that was published in 2004 by (and with) Alain Serres.

MArtin Jarrie @Toiartgallery

Martin Jarrie @toiartgallery

 The book:

Une Cuisine grande comme un Jardin [A Large Kitchen like a Garden], was published in 2004 by (and with) Alain Serres, a cookbook inspired by his paintings of fruits and vegetables, at Rue du Monde.

Martin Jarrie @toiartgallery


Martin Jarrie @toiartgallery

martin jarrie toiartgallery

The Theatre: 

In 2010 appeared Hyacinthe and Rose, beautiful album of François Morel and Martin Jarrie. Martin had painted 48 portraits of gorgeous flowers and François imagined the story of Hyacinth & Rose, through the eyes of their little –grown son who remembers his holidays with them. 
A delightful way to rediscover these charming characters: Hyacinthe, the Communist who loves books and Rose, dogmatic and proud, united by a common passion, the love for flowers. The garden becomes the center of their story, their joys and their arguments.

"Hyacinthe et Rose" (François Morel text) earned a Special Mention at the International Book Fair, Bologna Children in 2011. 

This is what Martin Jarrie told us:

"My father was a farmer and after that, a gardener. In his honor I painted fruits and vegetables and that was the origin of my book "A large kitchen like a garden". Then I wanted to pay homage to my mother. In the garden, my father had left some room for her to plant flowers; so I painted her flowers too. My dear fiend François Morel, a famous theater actor in France saw my paintings and wrote a text in which he mixed his memories with mine. This is how Hyacinthe and Rose was created; for many people of my generation they evoke their own parents and grandparents: Hyacinthe is communist and Rose is Catholic, but share their love for flowers.”

martin jarrie toiartgallery


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