Space Ocean by Michaël Cailloux

Michaël Cailloux


Space Ocean by Michaël Cailloux. 16 x 16 inches (40,5 x 40,5 cm.) Giclée print of an original  drawn by hand and colored in digital. Each print in this series of 10, comes with a certificate of authenticity, numbered and signed by the artist with the date of printing. While all prints come unframed, they all fit standard frame sizes and standard pre-cut mat sizes (read: you won’t ever need to pay for pricey custom framing).

Category: Drawing. Digital. French artist.

Curators recommendation: Baby shower gift. House warming gift. Birthday gift. Anniversary gift

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Born in Paris in 1975, Michaël Cailloux has been passionate about drawing since childhood and could never stop sketching and doodling everywhere he went. He graduated from the renown École Duperré School of Design in Paris in 1998 with a dissertation dedicated entirely to the 18th century fly.

In 1999, Michaël Cailloux launched the company Atelier LZC that created unique commission pieces for prestigious brands such as Baccarat, Cartier, Habitat, Van Cleef & Arpels and S.T. Dupont.­ In 2009, the artist began exploring new creative fields and expanded his skill set by training in jewelery making and  etching.

The fly, a symbol of both life and death with references to still life paintings of the 18th century, became his signature. His work won a prestigious Gravix award in 2015 and was featured in the book Encore! The New Artisans published by Thames & Hudson the same year.

At the same time, Michaël Cailloux also pursues his passion for textile arts using early drawings made for his etchings to create new limited edition items: scarves, wall decor and stationary art. He is also the co-author of the reference book Textile Design published in 2013 by Editions Eyrolles.

Michaël Cailloux is doing more and more collaborations and creates made to measure collections. For instance, he decorated the Madeleine Gallery with his wall Decors for the Lucas Carton restaurantIn 2016, he was part of the very first "Dior home" collection with an entirely hand drawn set of playing cards in homage to Christian Dior.

In 2017, he stood out with the publishing of Merveilleuse Nature by Editions Thierry Magnier, a meticulously crafted book and a true work of art in its own right, recommended by the contemporary art magazine L’œil. He also partnered with Vis-à-Vis and The Invisible Collection to present his first printed and hand embroidered bed linen collection in London.

In 2018, Michaël Cailloux presented Cadavre Exquis”, his first solo exhibition in Japan (Tokyo) organized by Gallery Irene. 

In 2019, Michael Cailloux continued his collaboration with Maison Lenôtre and designed collections for Valentine's Day and EasterHe also signs the visual identity of the event « Rendez-vous in the gardens » (« Rendez-vous aux Jardins ») for the  Ministry of Culture under the theme of animals in the garden and biodiversity.

A refined body of work, highlighted in numerous magazines like Elle Decoration, Palace Costes, Vivre Côté ParisLe Figaro.