Music by Mohammad Barrangi Fashtami

Mohammad Fashtami

  • Music by Mohammad Barrangi Fashtami
  • Size: SMALL 8 x 10 inches ( 20,3 x 25,4 cm.)
  • Giclée print of an original printmaking on handmade paper.
  • Each print in this series of 25, comes with a certificate of authenticity, numbered and signed by the artist with the date of printing.
  • Printed on artist-quality pigment- and acid-free cotton paper. Unframed.
  • While all prints come unframed, they all fit standard frame sizes and standard pre-cut mat sizes (read: you won’t ever need to pay for pricey custom framing). 

Please note: These prints show Mohammad's specific technique which translates in uneven/grained/faded color and texture. This effect is intentional and is part of Mohammad's unique artistic expression.

Interview with Mohammad Barrangi