Fear by Mohammad Barrangi Fashtami

Mohammad Fashtami


Fear by Mohammad Barrangi Fashtami. Size: Medium  8 x 10 inches ( 20,3 x 25,4 cm.). Giclée print of an original in printmaking on handmade paperEach print in this series of 25, comes with a certificate of authenticity, numbered and signed by the artist with the date of printing.  Printed on artist-quality pigment and acid-free cotton paper. 

Unframed. While all prints come unframed, they all fit standard frame sizes and standard pre-cut mat sizes (read: you won’t ever need to pay for pricey custom framing). 

Category: Printmaking. Iranian artist.

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About the artist:


Mohammad Barangi Fashtami was born at Rasht, a northern city of Iran. He started drawing and illustrating at 13 years old and pursued a career in the art field. He loves using printmaking techniques. His art also includes the production of large murals of his drawings through a process of laser printing and solvent transfer onto wooden walls. His drawings are influenced by traditional Persian illustration techniques, combined with contemporary methods of collage and street art. Mohammad is interested in creating characters that have disabilities, often combining human and animal features to create a dream-like scenario in which bodies are weird, different and beautiful. He is also influenced by his upbringing in the Middle East. The colors used in his artworks are inspired by old tiles and Persian rugs. Also, Mohammad uses symbols and signs coming from Iranian believes and eastern people.  This is what Mohammad says about his art: “I create images that come from my soul and feelings in which I show part of my homeland. I also use Persian calligraphy and alphabetic shapes as the main components in my work. These elements are something like poetry for me.  I try to invite the audience to visit Iran by looking at my artwork and getting familiar with my process of thinking. I hope I am being able to convey a little bit of this with my art.”

Please note: These prints show Mohammad's specific technique which translates in uneven/grained/faded color and texture. This effect is intentional and is part of Mohammad's unique artistic expression.

Interview with Mohammad Barrangi