Tea set by Viter Ceramics

Viter ceramics

Included in the set (6 pieces):
-Teapot with lid
-Pouring vessel
- 2 Teacups
Shiboridashi teapot : 10.5 cm width, 12 cm with spout, 8 cm height: Weight: 220g and the capacity is 130ml
Pouring vessel (Yuzamashi): 10cmx12cm , 5.5cm height, 170g and 200 ml capacity
Teacup - diameter 10 cm, height 4.5 cm, weight 105g and holds 110 ml
Tea set includes a tea cloth, made by Viter studio from vintage handwoven hemp fabric.

The vase: 8cm width x 7 cm height. Weight: 200g
Ships from Ukraine

About the artist:

Viter ceramic journey began in an unexpected way. One day Ivan Hryhorchuk tried to make a bowl at his fellow potter's studio and this story began.
It was about eight years ago and since then the process changed and evolved with them. Hand building is Ivan's favorite technique until the present day as it gives great attention to detail.
The blueprint of their making process is attention. The touch of brush or curve of the cup, the shade of color or form of the foot ring - everything breathes through the work. This is what Ivan tells us: ""Viter" in Ukrainian means "wind" which expresses our attitude towards life and ceramics making.
Wabi-sabi for us is simplicity as a basic state of being. Ease of mind and feeling of an object as a whole allows us to see how exactly form meets function. 
Handcrafted products bring a whole another feeling  so you could enjoy it and appreciate the moment in full. We really love what we do and hope you'll find something that resonates with you."