Swimming Girls by Bea Muller

Bea Muller

Swimming Girls by Bea Muller. Size: 11 x 14 inches (27,8 x 35,5 cm.) 

Giclée print of an original in digital. This limited edition print is printed on artist-quality pigment- and acid-free cotton paper and comes unframed. Each print in this series of 100, comes with a certificate of authenticity, numbered and signed by the artist with the date of printing. While all prints come unframed, they all fit standard frame sizes and standard pre-cut mat sizes (read: you won’t ever need to pay for pricey custom framing).

Category: Digital. German artist. 

Curators recommendation: Anniversary gift. Housewarming gift. Wedding gift. Birthday gift.

 About the artist:

Bea Müller, the illustrator behind Soley and the Bear, is a German illustrator based in London. After she studied art and culture in the Netherlands she moved to London and worked for an international ticketing company. The birth of her daughter marked a big changing point in Bea's career. After a very long series of sleepless nights in combination with a dull job she picked up her husband's iPad and started drawing at the beginning of the pandemic. Six months later she quit her job and started a full-time illustration career. Motherhood, diversity, and female empowerment are very important topics to her personally, and returning themes in her work.