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Alexandra Sternin

Alexandra was born in St.Petersburg, Russia and grew up in Northern California, near San Francisco, where she studied design as well as painting. Since then she has moved around the globe, and worked in both design and illustration. She often works with other artists (including writers) on projects, and creative collaboration is her favourite form of creation. Alexandra is currently based in Barcelona, Spain. You can find her work at

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Angela Corti

 Angela Corti was born in San Fernando, Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1978. She is a graphic designer graduated from the University of Buenos Aires. She creates her own worlds of reality and fantasy, using primarily collage technique with papers she crafts from silkscreen prints. She also incorporates recicled papers, cardboards, and drawing. To see more of Angela's work, you can visit her beautiful website at:

Anna Kononova Labaut

Anna Kononova Labaut was born in Moscow in 1992. She graduated from Moscow State Academy of Architecture and continued her studies in Politecnico di Milano. After getting the master’s degree in architecture and working as an architect for a while she started working in the field of illustration and teaching “Art and Creativity” to adults and children. Her inspiration comes from unusual shapes of nature, authentic cultures and bright colours of Spanish architecture. Now she’s writing and illustrating books for children6 which soon should see their way to the public. You can see more of her works here:

Anne Baier

Anne Baier grew up in the North of Germany. She has studied Visual Communication at the Bauhaus University Weimar and at École supérieure des beaux-arts de Toulouse. Since 2013, she works as a freelance illustrator in her studio in Potsdam, Berlin.  Anne loves using graphite pencils and doing all kinds of prints. Her illustrations are inspired by nature, everyday life and music and have a strong sense for abstraction and textures. To see more of her work, visit:

Ausra Kiudulaite

Ausra Kiudulaite was born in Lithuania where she lives and works. She works as a free lance Illustrator and artist under the name Menulis Ranulis (The moon is a zero). Her inspiration and motivation to become an illustrator were her own kids; the need to teach them how images are able to transmit and communicate the strange and funny stories the universe is made of.  Other Ausra’s artistic influences also are children’s vintage books, old movie posters and graphics, and Japanese printmaking.

Beatrice Cerocche

Beatrice Cerocchi was born in Rome in 1989 where she lives and works. In 2014 she obtained a master degree in Architecture in Rome and after that she obtained a master in editorial illustration in Milan. Her work have been featured on several magazines and media, such as The New York Times, Corriere della Sera,Vogue Bambini, Liber Magazine, Illustratore Italiano. She also published picture books with Edizioni EL and ELI Readers. Beatrice's work is colorful, enthusiastic and sweet, it makes a statement about life being a wonderful dream.

Candela Ferdmann - Toi Gallery

Candela Ferdmann

Candela was born in Mar del Plata, Argentina. A city by the sea. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2012. In 2014 she was selected for the illustrators in Bologna Children 's Book Fair exhibit, and was also part of the catalog Latin America Ilustra. Candela creates characters that immerse us in fantasy worlds. Her work conveys a sense of surprise, as when we find something lost long ago and we see it again, but this time with different eyes. To see more of her work, visit:

Catarina Sobral

Born in Portugal en 1985, Catarina Sobral is a published author and illustrator. After studying Graphic Design, she graduated in Illustration in 2012. Her illustrations are a regular presence in editorial illustration, album covers and posters, and she has ten books published in eleven different languages. Her work has been exhibited both in solo and group shows in many places around the world and recognized by the Bologna Children’s Book Fair, the Portuguese National Illustration Award, the Portuguese Authors’ Society, the White Ravens catalogue and the 3x3 magazine.

Cecile Metzger

Cécile Metzger, is a self-taught French illustrator. She studied literature in France. After living in the UK for two years, she is back in her hometown in the East of France. She works with graphite, watercolor and colored pencils and everyday life, small objects, and people around her. Cecile illustrations are sweet and luminous, they show the beautiful things that surround us.

Chia-Chi Yu

Chia-Chi Yu was born in Taiwan where she works and lives. She studied Fine Arts at the National Art School in Nancy, France. She started her career as an illustrator in 2006. Chia-Chi loves using mixed materials in a very original way. Her illustrations create an interesting, lovely atmosphere where you just want to submerge yourself in and live that life for a bit. Chia-Chi is a cat and dog lover. She has 11 cats and 1 dog and takes care of the street cats in her neighborhood.

Claudia Legnazzi

Claudia Legnazzi studied at the National Art School “Prilidiano Pueyrredón” in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She has obtained numerous national and international awards. Her work has been exhibited in Italy, Japan and Slovakia, and was acquired by the Chihiro Art Museum for its Permanent Exhibition. Claudia’s illustrations seem to come from a magical world of imagination, stories and colors. Her artwork is inspiring, a perfect gift for kids and adults. To see more of Claudia’s magical art, visit:

Cinta Arribas

Born in Valladolid, she studied Fine Arts at Salamanca from 2003 to 2008, and completed her education in Kassel (Germany). Now she lives in Madrid, where she works as a freelance illustrator. She coordinates the illustration workshop for children,Taller de dinosaurios. Cinta’s work focuses on people, she likes to imagine stories inspired by different characters. Her work is intense, colorful and expressive; it plays with a subtle sense of humor that highlights the fact that life should always be a little fun. To see more of Cinta's art, visit:

Cristina Barsony

Cristina Barsony is a Romanian illustrator, currently based in Transylvania (Cluj Napoca), with an interest in children’s books illustration. Cristina uses different techniques such as watercolor, pencil or inks and has a tendency to fall for some shades of color that often appear in her drawings. She participated in several individual and group exhibitions in Romania and design fairs with her ceramic creations. Recently, Cristina got enamored with folklore patterns, Japanese stamps and botanical green houses that fuel her inspiration.

Cuauhtemoc Wetzka

Cuauhtemoc was born and currently works, in Mexico. He obtained a degree on Graphic Design in Veracruz, Mexico and currently illustrates for a variety of projects, such as books, magazines, newspapers, and cultural projects. His work has been shown in Argentina, Spain, United States and China. In 2014 his illustrations were published on the V Iberoamerican Illustration Catalog. Cuauhtémoc’s work is vibrant, colorful and energetic; influenced by Mexican folklore and legends; it works with traditional imagery in a modern, contemporary way. His illustrations will standout and make a happy statement in any (lucky-to-have-them) home.

Elaheh Taherian

Elaheh Taherian is an award winning illustrator and painter who works and lives in Brooklyn, New York. Elahe graduated from MFA Illustration at Visual Essay Program from School of Visual Arts in New York City with the Paula Rhodes honor award for exceptional achievement in illustration in 2015. Prior to this, she received her BFA degree from Shahed Art University Tehran, Iran 2006 and a MFA degree from Art University in Tehran, Iran in 2009. She has illustrated several children books in Iran, France, South Korea and Switzerland. Her works have been published in several magazines and featured in many exhibits in Iran and New York. To see more of this talented artist, visit her website at:

Daniela Gallego

Daniela Gallego is a Colombian born illustrator. She graduated in Graphic Design in Bogota and obtained a degree in Illustration in Barcelona, Spain. She has participated in collective exhibitions in Colombia and Spain. Daniela was selected as finalist for several awards, such as: Premio Tragaluz, 2013, Medellín. Salon visual Bacanika, “Salon del Ocio y la Fantasía” (SOFA). She has also published children’s books illustratiotions. Daniela has been looking for some years a tangible and movingly way to share her point of view, experimenting with various techniques including paper, pencils and colors. Her work is whimsical and magic, with a warm color palette that will brighten up your home with delight.

Eleonora Arroyo

Eleonora Arroyo was born in Argentina. She graduated from Prilidiano Pueyrredón School of Fine Arts. Her work has been published in Argentina, Chile, México and Spain. She has participated in individual and group exhibitions in Argentina; her work has been shown in the Biennale of Bratislava and The Children's Books Argentine Illustrators Fair in Bologna, 2008. Eleonora has illustrated texts by renowned writers such as Juan Gelman, Anton Chekhov and Rubén Darío. In 2012 she was nominated for the IBBY Argentina, Honour List. She has also worked on animation and shadow theater. Her work is filled with characters, as if they were up on an colorful stage for us to watch with a smile, enchanted by her stories. To see more of Eleonora’s work visit her website:


Eunyoung Choi

Eunyoung Choi was born in Korea where she lives and works. She specialized in Visual Design at the University of Korea and worked as a 3D animator and special effect for films for several years. She now works as a young children book illustrator since 2006. After ten years of successful work, she got awarded The 'BOLOGNA 2016 SELECTED ILLUSTRATORS' award for the follow picture books: 'Five Zlotych'. 'La couleur du secret'. 'Mute', and 'The talkative moon'. 

Evelyn Daviddi

Evelyn was born in 1973 in Carpi Modena, Italy. When she was a child, she loved drawing for her friends. She grew up reading Rodari’s books, Richard Scarry’s illustrations and Luzzati’s books.  She has illustrated more than forty children’s books. Her illustrated book “Mi piace il cioccolato” has won the first prize for the all’Eurochocolat award 2001 ZOOlibri in Italy  and it was translated in many different languages. Evelyn’s books have been published in Spain, Italy, Germany, France and Portugal, among other countries. Her work is whimsical and magic, it combines collage and drawing, creating a dream-like world. To see more of her beautiful work, visit:

Federico Porfiri

Federico Porfiri is a prolific argentinean ilustrator. He has a degree in Visual Arts and is a Professor at Prilidiano Pueyrredon National Art School in Argentina. His work has been published in numerous graphic and audiovisual newspapers and magazines in Argentina, Mexico and Spain; he also illustrated several books and colaborated in two short stories anthologies as a writer. He participated in individual and colective exhibitions in Argentina , Greece, Italy, Portugal and Mexico. To see more of Federico’s work, visit his website:


Guridi graduated from the School of Fine Arts in Seville, Spain; since then he has worked professionally in all fields of image, painting, printing, design and advertising. In 1995 he began specializing on graphic arts, institutional, advertising and multimedia. Guridi has published more than thirty children’s books, which have been translated in more than nine languages. He obtained the First Prize for the Seventh “Encontro Internacional de Ilustração de S. João da Madeira” in 2014. In 2015 he was awarded with the Best Illustrated Book Award for his book “El Rebaño”.  Guridi’s work is powerful and evocative; it plays with colors and textures creating imaginary worlds inspired by the magic of nature. To see more of his work, visit:


Hasmik ( Narjes Mohammadi) is a visual artist, illustrator and curator. She was born in 1985 in Mashhad, Iran and has lived in Tehran for many years. She studied Graphic Design at Shariati University, and continued her education in illustration at the Iranian Illustration Society. Her style combines a multiplicity of techniques such as pencil, collage, watercolor and digital. 



Joanna Concejo

Joanna Concejo was born in 1971 in Slupsk in Poland. Graduated in 1998 at the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan. Since 1994 moved to Paris, France, where she lives and works. In the late eighties she began working as an illustrator and artist. In 2000 Joanna’s work was selected for the Salon de Jeune Création in France, in 2002 her work was shown at the Biennale of Contemporary Art in Busan (South Korea) and the following year at the Salon d'Art Contemporain de Chelles (France) 2000. Joanna participated in several individual and group exhibitions (Paris, Berlin, etc). Joanna participated in various collective exhibitions and individual exhibitions such as  Joanna also works in sculpture and ceramics. Since 2010 she collaborates regularly with Le Petit Atelier de Paris.

JungYoon Lee

JungYoon was born in Seoul, South Korea and currently lives in France. She studied printmaking in Korea and illustration/graphisme in France. Jung Yoon works as a freelance illustrator for publishing companies and magazines in both countries. She loves working with different techniques such as watercolor, collage on paper, pencil and digital. Her work is playful and fun, her images are like colorful poems made of everyday things. To explore more of her work go to

Karina Cocq

Karina Cocq was born in Chile. She obtained a Bachelor of Arts, with a Special Mention in Plastic Arts in the University of Chile. She also specialized in children’s illustration in EINA, Barcelona. Since 2010 she has illustrated for different institutions such as the Explora CONICYT Program (Chile), Museum of Memory and Human Rights (Chile) and Pablo Neruda Foundation (Chile), among others. Karina loves using watercolors, ink and graphite pencil in a very versatile manner. Her art creates images full of symbolism with a great influence of magical realism. To see more of Karina’s wonderful work, go to:

Lucila Biscione

Lucila Biscione is a paper cut artist based in Berlin, born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Lucila studied drawing, painting and graphic design. She mixes illustrations and paper cut in original, highly-detailed, hand-cut pieces.Her work is moved by her emotions and the possibility to transform reality; this is what she says about what inspires her: “Every small detail of my life can be a story to draw.”
Lucila’s pieces remind us of whimsical childhood dreams, magic stories and mysterious legends of the past; they awake our curiosity and love for beautiful, hidden details. To see more of her projects go to:

Maggie Chiang

Maggie Chiang is a Taiwanese American full time artist and part time dreamer. Inspired by both places real and fictitious, Maggie's illustrations evoke a longing for adventure and the pursuit of the unknown, exploring impossible landscapes and places unseen. A central theme of her art is the relationship between humanity and nature, oftentimes the underlying thread that ties together her work and establishes her individual artistic voice.

Makoto Maruyama

Makoto Maruyama was born in Tokyo, where she lives and works. She graduated in Interior design and Decoration and she worked in the Design industry for many years. After she quit her job, she started traveling around the world and drawing again. Makoto was selected for the Irufu Doga Museum Award in Japan, 2015. Her artwork has a sweet and evocative feeling, as if her paintings create a world where dreams and reality come together. To see more of her work, visit:

Lorena Ventimiglia - Toi Gallery

María Elina

María Elina was born in Buenos Aires in July 1975. She graduated from the School of Image and Sound Design at the University of Buenos Aires , and participated in various projects and workshops related to photography, art, stage design and illustration. She was part of the stage workshop at Gral . San Martin Theatre. Since that time she works in her studio. Her work is was exibited in Mar Dulce Gallery in buenos Aires, and has been published in journals and magazines in Argentina, Spain, Mexico and Portugal. Her work combines the whimsical images of fantasy, dreams and literature with intriguing, secret stories waiting to be told. To see more of her work go to:


Mariana Ruiz Johnson

Mariana Ruiz Johnson studied fine arts and illustration. She has published books as an author and illustrator in Latin America, Europe, Asia, Africa and the United States. In 2013 she received the Picture Book Compostela Prize for her book “Mama” and in 2015 she won the international competition “Silent Book Contest” with her book "Sleep Tight". Mariana currently lives in the suburbs of Buenos Aires with her husband and son, and she is dedicated full time to write and illustrate her own books. Her work is colorful and happy, inspired by childhood’s world of playfulness, imagination and magic. To see more of her work got to:

Maria Victoria Rodriguez

Maria Victoria Rodriguez was born in Rosario, Argentina. She graduated in Fine Arts from the National University of Rosario where she also studied animation. She co-organized The Furious Drawing Festival held in Rosario. Currently she spends most of his time working on new projects drawing and illustration. María Victoria also works as an illustrator and animator , participates in group and solo exhibitions and has published in fanzines and magazines in Argentina , United States , Colombia and Spain. María Victoria’s drawing and painting are mostly inspired by people and nature. She experiments with vibrant colors and texture. Her work can be found on posters , books and CD covers . To see more of der work go to:


Marie Lafrance

Marie Lafrance has spent her whole life drawing pictures, at first to keep from biting her nails, then for magazines, newspapers, posters, billboards, board games and the likes. She also illustrated tons of educational books, and eventually segued into picture books.

She studied Graphic Arts and Etching, worked as a printmaker and eventually started illustrating, a career which is not really a career as much as a lifestyle, so she basically lives in her studio, cooking up characters. To see more of her work, visit:

Marjorie Pourchet

Marjorie Pourchet was born in 1979 and lives in Besançon, France. She studied illustration with Claude Lapointe at the School of Decorative Arts in Strasbourg. After graduating, she wrote and illustrated ‘La tête dans le sac’(editions du Rouergue) which was translated in Korea, Argentina and Mexico. Since then, she’s illustrated books for French and Spanish publishers such as Sarbacane, Rouergue, OQO or La Fragatina, translated in Italy, Portugal, Poland, or England. Her work was selected for the 23rd and the 30th Mostra d'Illustration in Sarmede (Italy). Marjorie creates dreamlike worlds, sometime tinged with a certain nostalgia, or trying to link the everyday with the amazing. She works with acrylic paint, ink, pen she can mix with collages, lino cut printing or monotypes. To see more or Marjorie's beautiful work, visit:

Martin Jarrie

Painter and illustrator, Martin Jarrie lives and works in Paris since 1981. After passing through the documentary drawing or hyperrealist, he changed his style to a freer expression, more pictorial influenced both by surrealism, the Italian primitives, Art brut and contemporary art. He works for the press, publishing and advertising in France and the United States (since 1996). 
In the French press, you can see his work in Télérama, Le Monde, Libération, Le Nouvel Observateur, and La Vie the American press, the New Yorker, Bloomberg Magazine among others. 
His illustrations have received numerous awards from Communication Arts 
and Society of Illustrators. In the ad, Jarrie Martin worked for the BNP, La Poste, Cetelem, Scholtes, Heidsieck, the Ile de France (he designed the poster for the Environmental Film Festival since 2001) and the short film festival in Clermont Ferrand which he designed the poster in 2009. His passion for dictionaries and catalogs has led him to perform "the fabulous alphabet" (winner of the most beautiful french books 2007) released in October 2007 by Gallimard. 
Before that, was published in 2004 by (and with) Alain Serres, a cookbook inspired by his paintings of fruits and vegetables, "a large kitchen like a garden," at Rue du Monde. 
His paintings are regularly exhibited at the Galerie Jeanne Robillard and Arsenic Gallery in Paris. From January to April 2012, the Lisbon Electricity Museum has dedicated a major retrospective. To see more of his amazing artwork, visit:

Miren Asiain Lora - Toi Gallery

Miren Asiain Lora

Miren was born in 1988 in Pamplona, Spain and now lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She graduated in Fine Arts from the University of the Basque Country, attending her final year in Buenos Aires. Her work has been shown in several exhibitions in Spain, Argentina and Mexico. She has created posters for various musical and theatrical projects and festivals, as well as a project-image for Amnesty International. In 2012 her book Hara, written and illustrated by her, won the Etxepare Illustrated Album Award.  In 2013 she was a finalist for the Euskadi prize for Literature; in 2015 she was awarded the "Latin America Illustrated" award from SM Foundation, The Ilustradero and the Guadalajara International Book Fair (Mexico). Her works convey the magic of everyday life, the charm of little moments that hold a secret to be deciphered. To see more of Miren’s work, visit her website:
Natalia Colombo - Toi Gallery

Natalia Colombo

Natalia Colombo is an illustrator and graphic designer currently living in Buenos Aires. She studied architecture, design, and urbanism at the Universidad de Buenos Aires. She has illustrated textbooks and picture books published in Spain, France, Portugal, Italy, Mexico, Korea, Brazil, Chile, the United States, and Argentina. She has participated in individual and group exhibitions in Europe and Latin America. Her book Cerca was awarded the first International Compostela Prize by the Department of Education of the City Council of Santiago and KALANDRAKA. The Italian version of the same book, Vicini, received the Delle palme Prize for Best Foreign Picture Book. Her images seem to come from an imaginary world where everything is happy, sweet, and playful; it is the world of children’s songs, game-filled afternoons, multicolored candies, and naptime treasure hunts. To see more of Natalia’s work, visit her blog:, or her website:

Nekane Fernández

Nekane Fernández was born in Tolosa, Spain. She has been working as an illustrator for more than fifteen years, in which she participated in numerous art and illustration workshops. She also earned a Masters in Children’s Album Illustration. Nekane is currently working on a book project called “Cuentos de la calle 13” (Stories of 13th Street) written by Pablo Guillamón. She combines her work as an illustrator with her passion as an educator. Nekane’s illustrations and collages tell stories about fantastic and enchanted worlds where textures and colors represent feelings; her art pieces play with both imagination and artistic techniques. To see more of her work, visit:

Patricia Tewel - Toi Gallery

Patricia Tewel

Patricia Tewel is a graphic designer and graduate of the Universidad de Buenos Aires, where she has also taught. She lives and works in Buenos Aires, where she has been the manager of the Art Department of the Abasto and Rosario Children’s Museum since its opening. Illustration is her passion. She has been a participant in Silvia Mato’s illustration workshop for some years. She is presently studying jewelry making with Jimena Ríos at Taller Eloi. A viewer of Patricia’s work must have many eyes: a small eye for its infinite details, a large eye for its shapes, and a playful eye for its textures and colors. Her pieces are full of hiding places and secrets that convey a little bit; they are designed for attentive adults and children who have the time to really look at them. More of Patricia’s illustrations can be seen on her website:

Ri Tori

Ri Tori was born in Moscow/Russia. She has participated in exhibitions on book art and graphic design. Ri has published in Russia, Korea, Australia and the Netherlands. She also collaborates as illustrator, designer and author. She collaborates with Ilva Donets in “Zilasaule”, together they work on books and investigate  how media affects the book culture. They also created Samoglaz, and interactive magazine project. Ri’s work is playful, colorful and optimistic; the kind of artistic view that encourages curiosity in kids and adults. To see more of her work, visit:

Roger Ycaza

Roger has illustrated more than seventy short stories, children's and youth novels for different publishers. He writes and illustrates his own stories, among which are “Los días raros" Fondo de Cultura Económica ,"Abril y Moncho" (Alfaguara ), "Vueltas por el universo" (Deidayvuelta ) and “Dreams "( Alfaguara ).  His work has been published in Ecuador, Colombia, Argentina, Mexico, Italy, Spain, Chile, Peru, Guatemala and the United States. He obtained the Fondo de Cultura Economica Award for “At the edge of the wind" in 2014. Roger’s work was selected for the international exhibition "I Colori del Sacro” in The Diocesan Museum di Padova, Italy in 2016. He also obtained the Honorable Mention by Latin America Illustrates, in 2014 . That same year, he was awarded the Cuatrogatos Foundation, National Illustration Award. He also obtained the Illustration Prize “Guevara Darío Mayorga "in 2014 and 2011.  Roger is a founding member of the Collective Deidayvuelta and he is also Cultural Ambassador of Ecuador. Roger’s work is profoundly exquisite and always tells a story: it is as if his characters want us to know about the beauty and the solitude of their everyday life.To see more of Roger’s work go to: and

Sol Undurraga

Sol Undurraga was born in Chile, and she currently lives in Berlin, Germany. Her work has been selected twice for the Bologna children's book fair, (2014-2016), the Biennial of Illustration in Lisbon, Portugal; Ilustrarte 2016, the Latin American Catalog, Mexico in 2015, and twice for the Latin American illustration in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Sol created Mujer Gallina six years ago; she uses that persona for different forms of illustrations and comics. Sol has worked with different publishers around the world such as L'Aggrume in France, Castillo in Mexico, Rayo Verde in Spain, Origo publishing house and Lom publishing and Amanuta editorial in Chile. She has also collaborated with newspaper and magazines, such as El País, Revista Algarabía, DPI, Magazine of the Autonomous University of Mexico, magazine Que pasa, Travesía and many others. She participated in collective and individual shows in Italy, Spain, Japan, USA, Mexico and Chile. Sol collaborates with other illustrator and artists in a creative workshop in Berlin. Her illustrations are charming, bold and witty, with an unexpected pinch of humor that spices up curiosity and wonder. 

Studio Morran by Camilla Engman 

Studio Morran started in 2011 by the artist Camilla Engman. The physical home of the studio is in Gothenburg, Sweden. Much of the inspiration is found in nature, so long walk is essential. The working process itself and the urge to tell a story is other very important things at Studio Morran, you will always find a story in the work, easy to find or hidden, it will be there. Studio Morran was founded as an answer to Camilla’s need for a place to excess in cuteness, when fine art took over more and more of her time and work. An effort to separate the two lines to make it more clear, both for herself and others. Studio Morran is still trying to find its true voice, it is a place that is still forming itself. So in that sense it feels new. Studio Morran wants to be a place open to most materials and ways of expression, animation, illustration, clay, collage and so on. There is also a pronounced openness for different kinds of collaborations and cooperations. Studio Morran’s goal and struggle is to be a creative and happy place with a big heart. To see more, visit

Sylvie Bello

Sylvie was born in France where she studied Textile Design at the School of Applied Arts in Lyon. Always passionate about books, newspapers and illustrated magazines, after graduating, she started working as a freelance illustrator. For her art work she prefers the monotype technique, but she also likes to explore other techniques such as etching and silkscreen. She participated in group expositions such as “Ilustrarte”  (Lisbon, Portugal), “I colori del Sacro” (Padova, Italy). She won the Critics Award  organized by the “Tapirulan” Association (Cremona, Italy) November 2015 . Sylvie also developed a passion for education through art and collaborated with Magazine XXI and Rai Educational. Sylvie is currently working on her first didactic book for children, which will be published in Italy. To see more of her work, visit:

Violeta Lopiz

Violeta Lopiz was born in Ibiza, Spain. Her illustrations have been published by publishing houses such as Kalandraka, Anaya, Edelvives, Siruela,Bruaá publisher, Editions du Rouerge, Hélium,Cambourakis, Topipittori and Planta Editora. Violeta’s work has been recently awarded by the biennial Ilustrarte 2016 and selected for the Salon du livre in Montreul in Korea CJAwards. Her work has also been selected five times in the Bologna Children Book Fair exhibition.  Violeta illustrated Les Poings Sur les Liles, a beautiful animated film directed by Lu Bing for the CJ Picture Book Festival. Her work has been exhibited in Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Israel, Turkey, Koresa and Japan.  She also illustrated the app Opera XXI for the Royal Theatre, and has work on murals in collaboration with illustrator Valerio Vidali in Germany.  She currently has her studio in Berlin. Her recent hobbies are: dancing without a method, travelling and living in different places, walking  without glasses through the park and recording songs that nobody would hear. Violeta’s work is bold and sweet, strong and delicate, as if being a part of a dream we don’t wont to wake up from.