Cuauhtemoc Wetzka was born and currently works, in Mexico. He obtained a degree in Graphic Design in Veracruz, Mexico and currently illustrates for a variety of projects, such as books, magazines, newspapers, and cultural projects. His work has been shown in Argentina, Spain, United States and China. In 2014 his illustrations were published on the V Iberoamerican Illustration Catalog; he participated in an exhibition in the Taipei’s Book Fair in China. In 2015 Cuauhtemoc obtained the first place for the XXV Illustration Catalog of children’s illustration of CONTACULTA, Mexico.

In 2016 he was selected for the Art Contest and Exhibition for Children by Hispanic Artists en Las Vegas and for the 2014-2016 14th edition of The International Biennale in Mexico. His work was also selected among the best Latin American illustrations in 2016 with his book “Latin Colors”. Cuauhtémoc’s work is vibrant, colorful and energetic. Influenced by Mexican folklore and legends, it works with traditional imagery in a modern, contemporary way. His illustrations will standout and make a happy statement in any (lucky-to-have-them) home.